What’s In Your Pharma Analytics Ecosystem? Part III

This post is the third in a series dedicated to uncovering the nuances of designing an insightful Pharma Digital, Relationship Marketing and Multichannel Marketing Analytics Ecosystem.

Pharma Ecosystem Part III | Pharma Digital MCM BlogTackling the difficult analytical issues facing Pharma marketers is critical to not only the success of their objectives but to the success of their brand.  This post will focus on and address the questions, “Are the organizational technological systems and systems architecture capable of supporting my evolving needs? Are they taking advantage of the latest technologies to ensure speed to market? In order to answer these questions, a Pharma marketer must cultivate and foster a “Technological Symphony”.

Technological Symphony

A “Technological Symphony” can best be described as a modern day technical solution that supports the fundamental design and implementation of an analytics platform. A Technological Symphony allows the complex aspects of the analytics process to be set up in an efficient, turn-key manner to help facilitate rapid implementation and meaningful reporting cycles. The operative words in this sentence are efficient, turn-key and rapid.

The decision to implement a specific technology solution comes down to simple economics based on human capital.  The average tenure of a brand manager is 24 months. After the first year, they begin to look for their next opportunity.  The decision to move is based on available opportunities that are presented to them.  Opportunities are only presented if the Brand Manager was able to demonstrate success against their objectives.  If it takes six to nine months to implement a database for a marketing solution and another six to nine months to measure the impact, the reality of the situation is that the results will not be available until fifteen to twenty-one months into their role.


The days of building cumbersome, bolt-on, expensive data-warehouses that utilize a plethora of resources and take six to nine months to implement are over

Perception is reality in a Pharma marketer’s career. If after twenty-one months a Pharma marketer does not demonstrate positive P&L impact, if could potentially threaten the viability of their career within that organization.  If they take a long time to deliver results, they could be perceived as slow and not able to capitalize on market conditions.  None the less, a slippery slope that has to be managed with finesse and diplomacy.  Being a maverick and taking a risk on emerging technologies and approaches has its political risks, also has its rewards.

Cloud based solutions that are Pharma compliant are a good example of a  “Technological Symphony”. Appature is one of many companies that can provide Pharma marketers a “Technological Symphony”.  They have a cloud based technology solution that provides Pharma compliant database, campaign management and a measurement infrastructure out of the box. Their cost efficient offering is one instance of a modern day solution that can be deployed and leveraged faster than the traditional “build” approach to deliver business results.

So. . . what’s in your Pharma Digital, RM and MCM Analytics Ecosystem?


*Image Source: Capital One Viking campaign