Pinterest to Allow Pharma Marketing to Turn Off Commenting

You’re probably wondering why this information has not been reported on in any of the Pharma raggs or in the Pharmaceutical Twittersphere.

The reason that it has not been reported on is because Pinterest is not prepared to provide this level of functionality. In my recent story, “Pinterest the Newest Obsession in Pharmaceutical Marketing?” I noted that I contacted Pinterest customer service to determine what future capabilities were planned that would help Pharmaceutical marketers manage capabilities that put its business at risk. Attached below are my message and their response:

“Customer Service,

I am a Digital Strategist working in the Pharmaceutical vertical and the industry has limitations in terms of how it can utilize social media sites in certain marketing efforts. I have a few questions that I am hoping you can help me with:

Is there a way to turn OFF commenting on to allow marketers of highly regulated products a way to engage and share with its customers and potential prospects in a controlled manner? I completely understand if the answer is no.

Have you developed the capability to target ads to users based on their demographics, psychographics, boards and or any other targeting criteria?

When will marketing opportunities be available?

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


John Wes Green
Vice President, Digital Innovation
Health & Wellness Practice
“The Agency Inside Harte-Hanks”

Here, is their reply:

“Hi John -

We’re still a young startup and do not yet have features like private boards, disabled commenting, ads, etc. Thanks for your patience while we continue to develop Pinterest.

**If this resolves your concern, please do not reply. While we love to hear “thank you”, these messages create more work for us. Thanks for understanding – and happy Pinning.**

Pinterest – Community Specialist

The simple non-revealing response from Pinterest customer service brings to life one certain reality in Pharma social media marketing, and that is Pharmaceutical marketers will not be in a position to easily use Pinterest in the near term for branded promotion.